Carry the Right Safety Equipment

When you bike, you may think that the only piece of equipment you need is the bike itself. You’re wrong. In order to stay safe while riding, there are other pieces of gear you need to make sure you have with you. Get yourself a pack you can wear on your back or strap to your bike rack and fill it up with the right equipment for your cycling.

The most important gear is a helmet. Regardless of where you ride or how fast you ride, accidents can happen. It only takes one tragic fall to cause major problems. The Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute can help you determine what type of helmet is best for you and how to fit it properly. The Institute also recommends that you wear other protective gear, such as gloves, a mouth guard, and full body armor. A first aid kit, cell phone, and cash are also a good idea in case of emergencies.

When looking for safety gear for the bike, start with lights. Some lights come with a strobe effect that can make seeing you even easier. You’ll also want to carry a tire repair kit to repair your tire if you have a blowout. You should also carry a tire gauge to make sure your tires have enough air and a portable pump for when they don’t.

These are just some basic pieces of safety equipment you should include in your kit. You can find a full list on many bicycle safety websites.


Mountain Riding The Most Thrilling One

A person who is a spectator will enjoy watching the riders riding on the narrow road and struggling to take the first position. But there is also other side to it, those riders are in high danger zone and are trying to prove themselves. I feel anyone who has participated in such race is a winner are they all are risking something, a small mistake or a small wrong tilt of turn can land them down the mountain and that will be the end of it.

But still even after being aware of the risk factor people neither stop watching nor the riders stop giving their audience the best race ever. If you compare texas electric companies, they also give out their best regardless of opinions. These races are held on a mountain where a narrow road leads to the top of the mountain it is not just the road which is the dangerous but as they ascend the temperature also varies. These riders have relaxing stops every few miles and are allowed to drink water and check their wheels.

Some race routes also have shortcuts a rider who can identify such shortcuts can win easily and stay ahead in the race. These riders are ready to face anything if they encounter a big rock as a hurdle they jump over it with their bicycle, watching such stunts leave the spectators thrilled. The best part of the race is to watch these riders cross anything which would otherwise seem impossible. Previously race used to be plain and without much stunts but as the competition has increased the level of racing has increased as well. Nowadays race is a combination of competition and stunts. They make the impossible possible and entertain their audiences as well.

Benefits of Bicycling

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Bicycling is considered to be a fun exercising activity. You not only give your body a much needed workout, but also travel distances. As you cycle, you also get to see around. Bicycling is a common aerobic activity. It increases the amount of oxygen your body utilizes. If coupled with weight training, bicycling can make you a strong person.

There are numerous benefits of bicycling. Some people avoid bicycling due to various myths that have surrounded it. Bicycling is known to exercise only the leg muscles. Yes, this is true. But one must understand that bicycling is an aerobic activity. It is not concerned with gaining muscle mass in any part of the body. Now if you still want to gain mass in your arms, why don’t you bicycle with your arms?!

Bicycling increases the heart’s pumping rate. With regular bicycling you can expect to get a healthy heart. Your metabolism rate increases as well. Your body breaks down food faster and more efficiently. Bicycling increases HDL. HDL is the good cholesterol in the body. Regular bicycling increases the nutrients in the blood. You will have optimum platelet count and blood cell count.

If you want lower blood pressure, then you have to make your blood flow more consistent. When you bicycle, your body’s overall blood circulation increases. And your body becomes more responsive and active. Your pressure levels will lower. You will feel more relaxed and ready.

Bicycling promotes the development of core strength. Your stamina increases. Bicycling is a great stamina building activity like running. There is no point in having large muscles if you do not have stamina.




Inspect Your Bicycle Safety Gear Frequently


It is important that you equip your bike with reflectors, lights and flashers. You want motorists to be able to see you clearly. But don’t forget to protect your body as well.  Having a good helmet is imperative in case of a bad fall. Use gloves with gel pads protect yo

ur hands from road rash. All of these items are necessary to have a safe biking experience, but time and use takes its toll on these items. Regular inspections prevent them from failing when you need it the most.

Start with the lighting and reflectors on the bike. Make sure any reflective tape is firmly adhering to the fram e.

Peel off anything that has come loose and replace with new tape. Go over fixed ref lectors to check for cracking. Replace them completely. Check the light switch and power of lamps. If the light does not seem as strong as it should be, check the battery case for any corrosion. When there is no corrosion, it is simply time to replace the batteries. Do it while you are thinking about it so you won’t get caught out at night. The same goes for any flashers on the bike.

Your helmet is the most important safety item you use. However, UV rays from the sun will slowly degrade the plastic, causing it to lose its ability to absorb shock. How often you bike will determine how often you have to replace the helmet.

Always be aware of your safety gear’s condition. It can make all the difference between having a wobble and a bad fall.




Bicycle Racing The Oldest Sport

Bicycle racing was the first race on wheels which was rode by a man. These races have been conducted since ages and still continue to be the major sport. These races are tougher and are full of excitement. There are tournaments held and riders from all over the world take part in these. There are many youngsters who are crazy about this sport and have opted this as their professional. These races are held anywhere in the world, it can be a rocky area, a desert or a mountain. These riders are ready to showcase their riding capabilities anywhere to prove themselves best.

These tournaments are attended by many people from around the world some come to watch the unusual stunts and some come to support their hero. At the start of the race you will find all the riders riding behind each other but after a while you can see these riders divided into groups some are ahead and some are left behind in those groups there are few who are trying to stay ahead on the first position.

Some riders even face the worst and are injured during this race as the hilly and rocky area is suffered mostly by the person who is at the first position and he does not know what is ahead where as a person who is second is always learning from the mistakes done by the first one. In fact the first rider in the race is guiding the second one and alerting them on what lies ahead. These races are held on steep mountains with very narrow road which will have place for just one or two riders at the same time.

Bicycle Safety Is The Most Important Thing

When riding a bicycle the rider has to be very careful about his or her safety. Not only bicyclers every person riding a vehicle should be careful and take all the necessary measures to stay safe. Compared to all other vehicles bicycle is the most dangerous vehicle and needs extra effort to stay safe. A person who is going on a ride should wear all the gear necessary like helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and good shoes. Lacking any of these things can result in major injury. Wearing a helmet will always keep your head safe even if you tend to fall down, in any scenario if you fall of the cycle your elbows and knees will be safe.

Other vehicles like a bike or a car have their own body bike is bigger and heavier and in case of a car you are safely sitting inside. If you are hit when you are on a bike, it is quite possible that your bike might take the brunt rather than you. In a car a normal hit will not even hurt the driver. But while riding a bicycle you are the one who will be hit directly as it has no much of its own body. Even if you are hit slightly and you are on your fastest speed you will be thrown in the air and will land up miles ahead.

Do not choose a place which is busy with traffic because while learning you will fall hundred times and you need to be sure that while one of your fall does not land below a running vehicle. Give more importance to safety.

Bicycling Best Sport

Bicycling is a sport that is enjoyed by many. Some youngsters have even adopted it as their profession and some do it for fun. A bicycle has two wheels. There are many bicycle events held every now and then in which the professional bicyclers showcase their new stunts. In these events one can even witness a person on bicycle driving in a tunnel or riding from one slope and landing on the other slope.

If you are the spectator you will be left shocked by the level of their perfection at handling their bicycles, it seems like they have been glued to it and they can do any outstanding movement possible along with it. They even fly in the air with the help of a steep slope and land acres ahead.

Not just stunts there are also bicycle racing held and the participants are from all over the world. Riding a bicycle with perfection is also a kind of art. This was the first wheel vehicle which was rode by a man. Whereas the carriages and the carts where pulled using animal. Bicycling is popular in many countries. If you go out for a stroll you will find a person riding a bicycle wearing all the gear and riding at the finest speed. There are special side roads meant for such riders as well.

There are competitions held on rough surfaces like it can be anything from a rocky hill and a mountain. Bicyclers can ride a bicycle and even jump with them the wheels of their bicycle acts as their legs and they can make it do anything. Even though there are new bikes introduced there are numerous people who still chose bicycle.

Cycling A Hobby For Many

Cycle can be anything from one wheel to three wheels. A single wheel cycle, bicycle or a tricycle all comes into cycle category. There are people who are perfect in riding cycles. Some are perfect in specific cycle and some are perfect in all the cycle. If a person learns to ride a single wheel cycle then he is capable of riding any type of cycle. A single wheel cycle is the one which has a single big wheel with a small seat mounted on its top for a person to sit. If you watch a person riding a single wheel cycle you will feel it’s easy but do not believe what you are seeing as if you give it a try without proper training you will be unable to sit on it for 2 seconds. This cycle needs a lots of balance expertise, that is the reason such things are performed on streets to give public a chance to view the unusual as not everyone is capable of doing it.

Nowadays it is very rare to see a person riding one wheel cycle; you can see such things in circus and special occasion. Bicycle and tricycle can be seen everywhere, from a school kid driving to school to a man driving to his office.  Yes there is a city which discourages use of any other vehicle to keep their city safe from the pollution erupted due to use of vehicles. In this city all people from young to old use a bicycle as their transport. Instead of parking lots full with cars you will find numerous bicycles lined up. Cycling is also used as an exercise in which a person uses a stationary cycle. This cycle will have wheels but it is mounted on a stand and will not move forward but the peddling procedure will be same as a bicycle.

First Aid for Mountain Bikers

Mounting biking is a great thrill with great risk. When you are out mountain biking and have an accident, it may be miles to the nearest hospital or doctor’s office. All mountain bikers should have some basic first aid knowledge because you’ll probably need it at least once in your mountain biking lifetime.


A bike rider can fall, hit his head, and have a concussion even if he did not loose consciousness. Don’t let the rider get back on the bike. Walk the bikes until you get back to the car and can get medical help. Watch the biker for vomiting, bruising around the eyes or behind the ear, a headache that keeps getting worse, confusion, and become less conscious or less alert.


Immediate clean the cut carefully with clean water from your water bottle. Then, cover the laceration with sterile dressings if possible to keep debris out. A clean and dry piece of clothing can be used. If there is severe bleeding, apply pressure directly to the cut with a cloth or your hand to stop the bleeding. Also, raise the wounded body part above the heart to slow the bleeding, and push together the sides of the laceration if needed.

Broken Bones

If a finger is broken, tape it to the fingers next to it to keep the finger still. If you suspect a broken collarbone, which is very common among mountain bike riders, create a sling with a shirt to keep the arm still. The arm should be at a 90-degree angle. And, if a rider has a broken leg, wrist, or arm, build a splint with sticks, flat pieces of wood or even a bike pump. For a broken wrist or arm, take the bottom of the injured person’s shirt and pull it up over the injured arm and secure with pins, if you have them.

Official IMBA Mountain Bike Rules of the Trail

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The International Mountain Bicycling Association has created an official list of mountain biking rules to not only minimize injuries, but to also minimize the impact on the environment. Every mountain biker should learn and follow these rules:

1. Stick to Open Trails
Avoid riding on closed roads, trails, and on private property. If permits are needed, be sure to get one before your ride. Also be aware that some state and federal wilderness areas are closed to mountain bikers.

2. Don’t Leave a Trace
Practice low-impact bike riding and try to avoid riding on muddy and wet trails. Stay on existing trails and don’t make your own path. And, don’t leave trash behind.

3. Be In Control of Your Bike
Always be attentive and in control of your bike and follow all speed regulations and any path or trail recommendations.

4. Always Yield to Others
To let other trail users know you are there by giving a friendly greeting or a ring of a bell to be considerate of others. It’s also best to slow down or even stop when passing by other people on the path, especially when going around corners or when in blind spots.

5. Don’t Scare the Animals
Sudden movements, loud noises, and unannounced approaches can scare the animals in the area. This can be dangerous for you, the animals, and other people. It is a good idea to stop when you see a horse and ask the horse-ride if it is okay to pass by.

6. Plan Ahead
Before you even set out for a ride, know your abilities and limitations as well as your equipment and the area you are riding in. Keep your equipment in good condition and always carry gear to handle changes in weather. Be prepared with a small amount of food and a first-aid kit, and always have a lighter or matches for emergencies.